A Horse Themed Room Makeover

A Horse Themed Room Makeover

My daughter has been asking for a room make-over for about a year. She is also five and well, she has gone from Trolls to Jo-Jo Siwa, to not knowing exactly what she wants because she is five and that changes depending on the weather. Am I right?

For the last few years, her room has remained the same. The same bed, same colors, and last year we added some cactuses and llamas for touch without drastically having to re-do her room. Llamas were mostly “my thing” and not hers (or so she says). After a year of putting her to bed and being reminded every-night that she isn’t so much into llamas, it was time for a change.

What is one thing she loves, like absolutely loves and has also asked for? HORSES. She is obsessed and for the last year, she has consistently gone to riding lessons. She was totally into the idea of a horse-themed room. This mama didn’t have a budget set aside for a room makeover so I decided to go on Pinterest, gather some ideas, and figure out what needed to change in her room.

THE BORING STUFF… What changed and how much was this small remodel?

BED: We replaced her bed from a full-size bed to a twin. Why? Space. She needed more space to be able to play in her room. The rooms in our house are not that big, to begin with, so I needed to maximize the space as much as possible. I wanted the TARVA bed from IKEA. This bed was $99 (just the frame) and I ended up going into the sales area and found the bed, the slate, the mattress, and covers for $90. MY FAVORITE part about the room because I SAVED so much money. #pinchthatpenny

Light Fixture: Brand new TORARED at IKEA and only $19.99 and if you didn’t already know, half my home is IKEA so let’s just get that out of the way. I got kids. Need cheap and whatever will last me until they are 18. Do you feel me?

RUG: LANGSTED from IKEA and only paid $19.00 because it was in the sales area. I saved $39.99

That is pretty much all the “new” stuff in her room. The baskets you will see, and the remainder of the stuff in her room have been thrift finds and well under $20 for all or moved around from the home. Quarantine has done some good stuff in the Calo Residence.

Alright, now that all the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s get to the reveal which is why you are here.

This is the inspiration found on Pinterest. I was digging this vibe and the peachy tones and cactus are always a FAVE of mine.

Here is the reveal…


Baskets on the wall were all $1.99 at the Goodwill. One of my favorite places- I am not kidding.


I hand painted this cactus for her room. I wanted a bit of a pop on that wall. It was super cute, easy and she loves it!

Bed pillows- She had all the pillows. The Fox is from Brave Little Ones and has a story she loves for me to read every now and then.

Horse frame- Gift from grandma along with the tassels.  Those were purchased on Amazon.

Everything on this “Cacti” wall as Shiloh calls it, was previously there. We just moved some things around and added the faux plant on the small shelf.  Those I had purchased at Target for about $3 last year.  The frame was about $7.99 at Hobby Lobby and the  basket on the floor has all her day to day sandals. That basket was at Five Below. You get it.


Painting wall. This is her favorite thing to be honest. She loves staring at them when she goes to bed.  The kids made those when I was pregnant and have always been in her room throughout the years.

Thrifted basket. I added pompoms and it was the perfect fit for her laundry.

All these items we had.  The frames are from IKEA and the horse photos are from a dollar store calendar. Polka dots are  the same paint leftover from the cactus behind her bed.  I paid about $6 for it at Sherwin Williams. It was a tester size because I wasn’t sure I’d need more than that and it was actually plenty. I just used the end of a round sponge like roller to make the dots. I wasn’t looking for perfection so it worked out well for me.

So folks, a low-budget and friendly remodel. You can truly give any room lift by switching things around.  You can re-purpose items from your own home to give a space a new look. What do you guys think?

With Love,