Daily Grace

This year one of my gals was to ensure I stick to a daily devotional.

I’ve always taken the time for devotionals but sometimes in my laziness (we all slack sometimes), I was simply Half-way fueling in the word by reading a verse here and there.


I came across The Daily Grace Co. through my sister in love last year and got myself some pretty rad journals and studies that I wanted to save to start fresh for the new year.  They have the coolest verse cards.  You are able to place these anywhere (car, office, etc.) to keep you inspired and focused on the word.  Some are specific such as anxiety, a weary heart and so much more.  I absolutely love mine and have them on my desk.

The study on Psalm 119 is where I started.  I think it is perfect to begin the year searching and devoting time to God and our self-care.  It helps us stay grounded in knowing what we need as a person and whole.  For me, finding my feelings and what my goals and ambitions are for the year truly make a difference.  It helps me also understand where my mind and heart are at the time and what my goal is to be by the end of the year.  I am by no means saying that it will be a perfect year and easy goals to reach.  This is in fact a sacrifice.

My time with God is precious to me and has helped me stay on track for the day, for the week and life in general as I mentioned before.  I can tell when my heart is in need of quality time just reading the word.  The Psalm 119 study helps you desire the word of God and make it a priority.  This psalm encourages and exhorts us to treasure and love scripture.  We are blessed to have the freedom to be able to read our Bibles so openly, anywhere we want and many times we take that for granted.  What are you waiting for?

So, what is one thing that inspires you to stay motivated?  I’d love to hear what you practice to accomplish your personal goals and things such as devotionals and your inner-self.

I can’t wait to hear from you!