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Donut Grow Up Birthday | Orlando, FL

Location: Orlando, Florida

I had the pleasure of decorating and capturing special moments for a sweet ONE year old little babe!

The Donut Grow Up theme birthday party was adorable.

I’ve linked all the items we used for the decoration at the bottom of this blog should you want to DIY your own Donut theme party.

Donut Theme Birthday Party


As promised, here are all the links available:

Donut Grow Up Backdrop from Amazon

Donut Shop Backdrop from Amazon

DIY Donut Sprinkles Balloon Garland Arch   (10 FEET) from Soiree Love

Tassels-  Custom Tassels for a few and Sweet Lady Paper Tassels from Soiree Love

Number Balloon Cake Topper from Soiree Love

Jelly Number Balloon (we used to decorate “shop” area) from Soiree Love

Heart Donut Balloon (Soiree Love) from Soiree Love

Donut Bite Balloon from Soiree Love

Donut Balloon “18 inch” used on balloon tower by the sweets table (from Soiree love)

All sweets were by Lucy Perez in Orlando, Florida (she did not do the cookies or macaroons for this party)

Small Stools by the cake are from Ikea

Cake Decor “ONE” sign was by Ashley Serrano

Favors “Sprinkles” by Kassandra Rivera

Decoration & Photography- Elsie Calo (me)

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