IKEA Minimal Boys Room Makeover

IKEA Minimal Boys Room Makeover

Hello BEAUTIFUL people!

The boys room makeover was a little over 3 months ago but thanks to CORONA I had not been able to sit and blog. and before anything, I apologize that I don’t really have the before pictures. I wasn’t doing any of this to blog about it but hey, why not!? Anyways…

You all know my love for IKEA and it is where I get most of our pieces.  One because it is affordable for my budget and two- I have kids. You feel me?

We had a queen bed in their room before and the boys have a bit of an age gap. Ezra is 98 percentile his age group in all areas.  Our oldest is 16 at just reaching 100 pounds (no matter what he eats) and Ezra is tall and  85 pounds at 7 years old. Very well proportioned and that gives you a view at the amount of arguments every night between giving themselves space. Gasp.

So the changes in their room included two twin beds, a tall dresser and we did a new closet organization.  Our estimated amount for this entire room was $600 and I mention this first because I like knowing what is behind pretty pictures when I see them on Pinterest.  You’d be surprised how many makeovers look expensive but are actually budget friendly.

Here’s the reveal…

We wanted to make it feel like a boys room while also keeping the minimal feel or I should say as minimal as possible.

I know, I know, there are no pictures in the frames. Working on that. hehe

Ezra loved this handmade birthday card made by a family member and wanted me to save it for his room.  The heart craft he made at kids church. That lego is a favorite of his and the plant is currently replaced. #plantkiller

Our oldest is a car lover. He is pretty simple but that was a gift from Christmas and he treasures it like gold. It goes well with his side of the room.

Their closet is currently still a work in progress.  I purchased the IKEA Algot Closet Organizer.

I absolutely love this organizer. Easy, clean and budget-friendly.

Their closet held a bit of space and I found this IKEA GERSBY bookshelf. I thought it was the perfect fit and enough to hold the bit of extras that they have and use most as you can see.

Ok… so I am not a fan of TV’s in the rooms.  My grandma (may she Rest In Peace) bought our oldest a TV a couple of years ago as a reward for good grades. It’s a descent size for their room and they have it monitored between content and the times they can use it.  The wooden crate (pictured below), was used for Christmas. I needed a place to store the PS4 where it would be safe but also where the kids wouldn’t be able to reach on there too much to mess with it. This worked out great. You cut the bottom part and the game fit in there perfectly.

Another view in their closet.

I try to not hoard anything but I’ve been saving that hat for my son. He got it when he was 2 years old and for about a year it was his one and only hat. He looked adorable and I have so many photos of him with it. I wanted to save it for him and so we stored on top of the closet. He has recently used it a few times to play outside. I am an emotional sucker on things and well… I try lol

Hey Ma, look at me. One happy child in his cute new room.

The room is for sure one of my favorites. I did this entire project with my 16 year old. Here is a list of things we did:

  • Freshly painted the room. The black paint we had from our outdoor and it was good for the inside also. It is Sherwin Williams.
  • New beds, new mattresses, new sheets (about $150 each)
  • New dresser ($75 Facebook Market brand new)
  • New closet organization ($140 for all including the bookshelf)
  • New room light ($30 for all)
  • New shelves over the bed (about $7 for each)
  • New rug (ROSS $20 find)

I didn’t link everything on here but if you want a link, just leave me a comment and I’ll get it for you. I will try to make a shopping list for this room. I started one for Shiloh’s and I haven’t finished it #busylife but I will try my best to get it soon.

Sending all my love and happy DIY’ing all you possibly can at home during and after quarantine.