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    Let’s Flamingle- Shiloh Turns 5!

    Location: Orlando, FL

    Dear sweet girl,

    You came unexpectedly at the perfect time in our lives.  Turning five is a victory for a little girl who was not expected to make it.  Your sassiness and sweetness makes you the perfect sweet and sour.  Your laugh is contagious and your beautiful spirit fills the rooms when you enter.  You are strong-willed and you definitely know what you want and how. I wouldn’t say your way or the highway but definitely close to it.

    You are smart, caring, loving and you like listening to others even at your young age.  We are proud of you and can’t wait what this new year brings to your life! You are a world changer sweet girl.

    We know you had a blast at your birthday (click here to view photos).  My sweet girl!

    Love, Mom


    Shiloh’s Turns Five! @elsiecalo

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